01 July 2013


Check this out --
Even I can see it!
I will tell you all about it in just a minute after I whine a bit about my eye surgery first!

Since my eye surgeries a week ago, my vision has changed from day to day.  I had two procedures on my left eye, and I am scheduled to have the same thing on my right eye next week.  First, I had a laser procedure to correct the severe astigmatism, and then they took me next door to another OR where they did the cataract procedure, removing what they said was a very dense cataract.  In that eye, I have been seeing a "drop shadow" for a few months.  

This ever-changing clarity over the past week has made it a challenge to read or blog for very long because the eyes are not really working that well together yet.  (So if I haven't acknowledged your comments or left you any, that is why.)  Cherry Kay at Entertaining Women had warned me about this.  Also, you cannot bend over below your waist and cannot lift over twenty pounds.  Worse -- no eye makeup!!!  I bought the reddest lipstick I could find and the biggest aviator sunglasses.  (We call this "reaction formation"  -- look it up.)  Other than these minor things, the recovery hasn't been bad at all.  You have to put about nine million drops in your eye for a while, but even this gets routine.  Sweet Husband bought me a gadget at Lowe's that I call my "Reacher"  (no, not Jack Reacher, silly) which enables me to pick up most anything.  I didn't realize I dropped so many things all the time!  Sweet Husband has been a real peach about helping out, so I have luckily had a pretty easy time of it.

One weird thing  -- my vision changes day to day as the eye heals.  I have gone through my drawer of old glasses from over the last decade or so, and nearly every day I have found a pair that I can see well enough through to check email and the like.  Two days I even read a book, THE BURGESS BOYS by Elizabeth Strout.  I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a good book right now.  She also wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning OLIVE KITTERIDGE.

Here is the messed up door frame
and a big gap where we pulled out the rotted drip cap.

I got the brilliant idea to trim it out with pre-made millwork and then caulk and paint it all.
Sweet Husband did the work.

I have told you that I am the brains and he is the brawn, right?

I am sure all you real carpenters are holding your sides about now....

The door frame was a wreck from where we had chiseled some of the old wood out for a crappy screen door we put on a few years ago.  When we built the screen porch, the old door was taken by the construction crew to wherever old plastic screen doors go to die.  We knew we had to do something about the doorframe, so when Sweet Husband was painting the lower story of the house over the last few weeks, when he got to porch wall he said it was time  -- time to address the doorframe so he could get this area finished up.  I had already worked it out in my head what to do, but I let him do most of it, with myself just being the director.  :>))

I turned him loose with the white paint on the outside,
but there ain't no way I am handing him a can of red paint!!!

So here is our woodwork creation, all painted out, and the door before it was sealed.
I used two coats of ASCP Emperor's Silk and two coats of Minwax Poly.

We filled in the door frame with skinny moulding, covered the outer areas with some other pieces, and finished with some ready made medallions on the corners.

Looks beefier, right?

We also got rid of the non-working old intercom box which was right below the light.

And when we peeled off the tape -- that is when I realized that it looks like a British phone booth. But I still like it.

Sweet Husband enjoying his handiwork.

It is always 5 o'clock somewhere!


I can't end this post without saying how terribly sorry I am for their loss to the families and friends of the nineteen firefighters in Arizona who lost their lives fighting the horrible wildfire.  Still think we  don't have global warming?  


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P.P.S.  Wanna see a preview of the Master Bedroom, getting turned into the Little Miss Sunshine boudoir?

Still beaucoup to do -- sew all those curtains and slips...
hoping I can see well enough this week!


  1. gorgeous! I love it and it's absolutely perfect with all your colorful furniture! Glad your eyes are on the mend. Took my Mom about 2 weeks and then she was better than she had been in 20 years. Dianne

  2. I love red. However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE and red door! Especially, one that looks like a British phone booth! It's great! I hope you are feeling backing to normal ASAP.

  3. It does look like a British phone booth...but I think that is a good thing. I love the beefier moldings! How lucky you are to have a guy around to build what you dream. Glad to hear your eyes are getting better. My Mom needs to have her cataracts removed soon. We are thinking in the fall. She has to wait awhile because she had open heart surgery last Xmas. Which she is fully recovered from! She it totally back to her old self and even better...and we were so scared.

  4. love the new door~! well done, indeed.

  5. LOVE the door!! And as far as a British phone booth... Hail to Dr. Who . I am a huge fan of the TV show!!!LOL!!


  6. Forgot to mention that i am now following you. I am a huge lover of color and I adore red!!


  7. Oh I love it. What a fabulous door and the color is perfect. It does look like a phone booth and I love those. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Ah, I think this red British phone box door is gorgeous!!! I've been threatening to paint my front door red for several years, and I'm just going to have to go ahead with it, especially if it's going to look like a British phone box!!!!!


  9. It's cool BECAUSE it looks like an English phone booth! I have always liked those phone booths, so to see a door like this is really fun! We recently had our front door painted a bright red, but it doesn't look nearly as cool as this!!! I'm impressed that you got this looking so great. Between the two of you, there's no stopping progress!!!

    Your patio is looking cooler and cooler each week. Sorry about the eyes. Take it easy, and it will all pay off. (Said the woman who is already scheming on how she's going to tablescape within a couple of weeks of her surgery! That's set for the 26th now, by the way.)

    Enjoy your uber fabulous patio, and have a great 4th, Ellen! Rest those eyeballs!!! :-)

  10. The door looks fab, especially with all the pops of color on your porch. I hope your eye is healing okay.... I will probably go blind before I will ever be brave enough to go through an eye surgery like you--- I have immense fear of things coming at my eye.

  11. I've missed you. So glad your eye surgery is behind you. You really aren't going to drown in all those eye drops. Just feels like it!
    The red door is a beautiful addition. Love it.
    Take care.

  12. I lOVE that red door! That was such a great idea. Glad the eye is healing nicely.

  13. Wow, I really like how it turned out! So colorful and cheery!

  14. wow, that is such an amazing porch space! I saw this featured at Tuesday's Treasures, and had to come look. I love all the color you used and the door turned out fantastic. Well done! :)

  15. WOW! WOW! and WOW!!! I am in love with that door. Your use of color has always been such an inspiration.
    Here's to a speedy eye surgery recovery.

  16. Ellen! Wow is that door beautiful! I love the color and the trim work! It looks stunning Ellen. Bravo to your sweet husband for all the work he did! Your porch looks fabulous! I keep scrolling to see the post where you talk about how it was built. Boy did I miss a lot while I was away from blogging. I remember last year when you couldn't sit out there because it was too sunny and you couldn't sit out there due to the rain. Well now it looks like you can sit out there whenever you want and you won't be bothered by rain, sun or bugs because it's screened in. Sure wish we would have build something like that. I opted for a poly roof with skylights. When I had estimates for getting it screened it, I opted for plantation shutters in the living room (haven't arrived yet) and new furniture. I love the beams on your porch and the way you have them decorated. Ellen, you need a navigation bar or special page that takes your readers directly to your back porch so it's easy to find :)


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